Dance, Dance-making, Choreography

Jussi Ulkuniemi is currently studying contemporary dance in the University of the arts in Helsinki, Finland. In the studies and work, he is focusing on improvisation, dance-making, and choreography.

Before that he studied movement and performance research in Outokumpu, Finland (graduated 2018).




Roughly translates to “obligation of confession”, Tunnustamisen Velvollisuus" is the final student work for Outokumpu movement and performance research studies.

Fragments of borrowed texts varying from the subjective experiences to philosophical views create a loose narrative on the subject of confession. A wild language emerges through the body: how does a body move when it wants to say something, but is too afraid to verbalize it?

Texts from the books:
History of Sexuality – Michel Foucault
Ulos kaapista – Parkkinen Marja-Leena
Violence – Slavoj Žižek


As a first choreographic study, Emergence is an exploration to visual and kinaesthetic communication in a performance context with a group of 5 dancers.

How does movement communicate? How to enforce the communicative responsiveness in the performers? How to heighten the sense of communication to the audience? How to create a living complex communicative system that challenges and excites, both the performer and the observer?

Choreographer: Jussi Ulkuniemi
Dancers involved in the process:
Aura Savolainen, Ella Seikkala, Jasu Parviainen, Anders Lillhonga, Linda Holma, Laura Kärkäs