Zero Waste Fashion

Last week I collaborated with 3 Fashion Designer students from Lahti Design Institute to photograph their 2 sets of zero waste fashion outfits. In this fantastic project the theme was constructed around cell orgranism structures, so I decided to bring a whole tree's worth of branches to the studio to create this very dynamic background for the concept.

ZeroWaste Web Size-3.jpg
ZeroWaste Web Size-6.jpg

Model: Daria Tarja Rautanen
Designers: Ilona Harjapää, Taru Nieminen, Isla Vainio
MUA: Maija Vanhanen

Light Diagram

I hadn't built anything like this to a studio before, so it surprised me how little time it took to actually make the whole set with the background and foreground branches (with the help of a few great and creative friends!). Meters and meters of fishline, some tape and sturdy background support bars did the trick and transformed the space into something magical without almost any post-processing. Massive thanks for the professionals, The model and make-up artist Daria and Maija for making everything so smooth!

During this process I once again learned one very valuable lesson: To trust your instincts and try things out before deeming them impossible.

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