Portraits. 52 weeks photo challenge. / by Jussi Ulkuniemi

Today my housemate Noora asked me to take a "mug shot" for her as she is applying to circus schools around Europe and needed one for the applications. We agreed and I took my 135mm and put a flash on camera, turned it facing a corner of the room behind me. I took a test shot. After 5 minutes we had taken a few sets and we were done. Then straight to the laptop. A little "oh"-moment was ahead as we opened the first test shot and saw what you're seeing here. A calm, unflinching moment, unobstructed by emotion. Face completely relaxed. For me this kind of a state of "Tabula rasa" brings wonder to a portrait. If you like to "read" faces like I do, here's a proper puzzle. :)

Anyway. The whole thing got me thinking about how much I've always loved portraiture and how little I've done it compared to that. So starting now I'm going start a straight on challenge, to photograph at least one proper fine art portrait every week for the next 52 weeks. Let me know what you think! 

PS. I've been trying to find time to construct this website for a long time now, sorry for the confusion on the portfolio side!