Last Friday I photographed a set for Bahini, a really great starting up yoga bag brand by a dear friend, Fredrika! She is currently on her first step to entrepreneur life, and is funding the brand's first products via, a Finnish crowdfunding site. Having seen and tried the products, I must say I have never seen as slick yoga bags before, superior in quality and durability compared to what I've used myself before.

If you do yoga then be sure to fund this project by buying the coolest products right now: :)


Photographing nude for the first time ever was an immersive experience. Fredrika had contacted me about wanting to do a "self-documentation", and so we started this portrait project. Clean and true to nature, in glorious afterglow of sunset we photographed at a lake dear for her. The weather was getting colder by the minute, but I've never had such a calm model to work with (in such conditions at least). Not to mention the great assistant work done by our friend Mesku!

We ended up having a great hour of shots from full-body to close-ups, and will surely continue this collaboration as a photographical diary of self.