#joingermantradition / by Jussi Ulkuniemi


On April 23rd-27th, I visited Saarland, Germany along with 10 other Instagrammers on German Tourist Board's very first sponsored tour. The location itself, Saarland is still an unknown territory for international travelers, so it was our job to expose this beauty to the world through Instagram. Location-wise, Saarland is culturally mixed with French, so among countryside walks we were treated with traditional German sausages and Crème brûlée, an interesting mix of both countries.

Apart from the goals of the trip, this one stood out as one of the greatest trips in terms of company. I met with many long-time Instagram friends for the first time in real life: Thomas (@Thomas_k) and Uwa (@uwa2000) from Berlin, and Anthony (@takinyerphoto) from New York taking the lead for being active friends from the very start (almost 5 years now), but also new great people that I can proudly call friends. List of the 'grammers at the end of this post!

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Behind the scenes: #joingermantradition