On my way to Berlin I spent one evening in Dubrovnik Old Town. We had just finished our hike in Theth, Albania and after a morning of bus rides I had arrived to this beautiful medieval sight. My only problem was that I had just developed a repetitive strain injury to both of my knees, and truthfully, I've never experienced such a pain as that day. My legs were burning and I was in the city for just one day... Of course I had to go sightseeing.

But the gut-wrenching pain paved way for an interesting positive effect. As all I could do during 5 hours was to walk about 2 kilometers back and forth the Old Town of Dubrovnik, it gave me plenty of time to really think about the moments I wanted to capture there. So I waited. Waited for a bird to fly to the horizon. Waited by the red doorway for a perfect moment. Waited as the tourist trap alleys turned peaceful as everyone ran for the fireworks in the harbour. I didn't get a lot out of my one day trip to Dubrovnik, but I got exactly what I wanted.