On my way to Berlin I spent one evening in Dubrovnik Old Town. We had just finished our hike in Theth, Albania and after a morning of bus rides I had arrived to this beautiful medieval sight. My only problem was that I had just developed a repetitive strain injury to both of my knees, and truthfully, I've never experienced such a pain as that day. My legs were burning and I was in the city for just one day... Of course I had to go sightseeing.

But the gut-wrenching pain paved way for an interesting positive effect. As all I could do during 5 hours was to walk about 2 kilometers back and forth the Old Town of Dubrovnik, it gave me plenty of time to really think about the moments I wanted to capture there. So I waited. Waited for a bird to fly to the horizon. Waited by the red doorway for a perfect moment. Waited as the tourist trap alleys turned peaceful as everyone ran for the fireworks in the harbour. I didn't get a lot out of my one day trip to Dubrovnik, but I got exactly what I wanted. 

First Of May Celebrations!


First Of May Celebration (Vappu in finnish) is probably the most active and colourful day in Finland during Spring. Everywhere you look you can see people enjoying themselves, children and adults alike, bathing the in vivid colors of the air balloons.

This year I wanted to capture a small glimpse of this vibrant holiday, and we set out with Atte and Anna to photograph people in the street with a "studio-like" flashlight and a softbox. We only photographed for an hour (because the party mood kicked in!), but during that time we got some incredibly good-looking results.



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